Ages: 8 - 18

Futsal is more than just an indoor soccer game: it is the tool used by clubs around the world to develop great players.

Futsal is played on smaller space and hard surface, with a smaller weighted ball than regular soccer ball. There are no boards to bounce the ball off as in indoor soccer. Quick, short passing and ball control is the meat of the game.

Famous players around the world like Ronaldinho, Marta, Ronaldo, Robinho, Juninho and many others honed their early foot skills while playing Brazilian Futsal.

Put some Brazilian Samba into your steps! We guarantee that players will come out of every session challenged and more confident. On top of all the technical and tactical benefits players will have fun! 

Areas of Development


  • Ball control in tight spaces

  • Better passing skills

  • Better dribbling skills


  • Movement off the ball

  • Improve defensive skills

  • Improve offensive skills


Futsal Camp: Aug 3 - 4, 2019

Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

 Focus of the camp will be on:

  • Improving your Individual Footskills on the Court/Field

  • Developing better 1v1 Moves

  • Improving your Passing & Receiving

  • Improving your shooting

  • Applying skills in a game setting

Ages: 8 - 18

Investment: $95.00

University of Northwestern
3003 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55113